Persue your passions

  • What would I do with my summer if money wasn’t an issue?

I will travel to the UK by business class. I will buy a lot of bags, shoes, makeup, clothes and everything I want. I will live in 5-star hotels. Before I come to UAE, I will spend two weeks on an Island to relax and refresh my mind.

  • What are my favorite’s activities?

It’s difficult to answer this question because I always believe that everything in the world deserves to try it once and if I enjoy it I will do it again millions of time. I hate to stick to only one favorite’s activity. If I try to answers, I will write everything my friends write it here.

  • What type of people am I drawn to?

People who are thinking deeply, responsible, positive, smiling person, who care about other.

  • What kind of stories in the news always captures my interest?

About family and children, events, crimes, health and science, new technology.

  • Was there a common thread across my responses?

I think the thread across my answers is I’m risk taken person and love trying new thing to gain different experience that will reflect back to build up my personality. Handle what will happen at the end are the most important thing and getting the idea of the situation to build up myself. I hate doing a regular thing that will be at the end as a routine. Being confident in my judgment & decision.

  • Why do I love what I love? (What’s the passion behind the passionate activity?) Learning something new, having an adventure. Traveling and meeting new friends
  • Which of your passions are most important to you?
  • Passion 1: Being happy and adventurous
  • Passion 2: Being true to myself and personal growth

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